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Mumz.com is the social network for mums that allows mothers to build a social circle, whilst maintaining their busy day to day lives. Whether you are a full time mum or a working mum, you are still entitled to having a social life!

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Mumz.com is not only one of the best websites for mums, it’s also one of the best apps for mums. Share and discover trends, funny videos, news, discount offers, parenting advice with mothers around the world. Our main objective at Mumz.com is to allow mothers across the globe to truly connect and become united – spreading a wealth of knowledge, information and expertise from one mum to the next. As we grow as a community, we also grow as parents, friends and human beings.

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The Mumz.com iOS and Android apps are coming soon in early 2017. Allowing even faster access to your connections, resources, offers and more. Watch this space “mumz”!