What is there to celebrity baby names?

More than you think, according to a recent survey. Bear Blu, Alicia Silverstone’s son, and Aviana Olea, Amy Adams’ daughter, were voted two of the most popular celebrity baby names from across the pond. Other highly sought-after names by expectant mothers in the UK include Bronx Mowgli — the son of singer Ashlee Simpson and musician Pete Went. In addition to this, Free, the son of actors David Carradine and Barbara Hershey.

There has been a cultural shift in baby names in the UK in recent years. With more mothers-to-be opting for classic titles like David, Jane, and Peter for uber-contemporary names. Many parents seek inspiration from the world’s biggest superstars. Instead of rifling through baby name books, with the number of children named after celebrity offspring skyrocketing. Even previously-mocked names, like Apple — the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin — have increased in popularity. Among the most popular baby names are those given to the children of famous British stars. Bluebell Madonna — the daughter of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. As well as names such as Honey, chef Jamie Oliver’s daughter, are just two names that have become fashionable.

It’s not just celebrity baby names that are popular

Superstars names have caught on in the UK. Many mothers are now naming their children after their favourite singers, models, actors and sports stars than ever before. Some of the top baby names for children born in recent years included Adele, after the singer, David — after David Bowie, who recently passed away — and Erykah, after the musician Erykah Badu.

However, when it comes to the most popular baby names overall, more traditional names take prime position, according to the Office for National Statistics. A few years ago (in 2014), Oliver was the most popular name for boys in England and Wales, with more than 6,000 parents giving this name to their son. This was followed by Jack, Harry, Jacob, and Charlie, all of which were named by thousands of parents. Several royal names made the list, too. William, likely spurred by the Duke of Cambridge’s familiarity, made number 10 on the list. Meanwhile George, named after the future king, made it to number seven.

Name popularity for girls in England and Wales

For girls, Amelia reigned supreme, with more than 5,000 parents giving this name to their daughter in England and Wales. This was followed by the perennially-popular Olivia, Isla, Emily, and Poppy. Rounding out the top ten was Sophie, a popular name for decades. In the future, expect Charlotte, the name given to the only daughter of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to climb the list.

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