Many mothers scream “My toddler is driving me crazy!” Here is how to handle the situation.

As a mother who works from home raising a toddler, sometimes it seems impossible to even send one important email. The young one can take you to the edge of losing your mind. But when you sit back and look at the situation you realise that the toddler isn’t the one with the problem, it is you.

Studies have shown that most tantrum cases are genuine needs and are not designed by the toddler to piss you off. Here are some tips to keeping your mind from blowing up:

1) Check Your Expectations

This is the first thing you need to do whenever that anger begins to rise deep within. Catch it early and remind yourself that this is a toddler, not an adult capable of your speed and reasoning. Plan out your day in advance so as to have adequate time for them to play, feed and bathe. Since you are their only source of entertainment in the whole world, try and give them the attention they need.

2) Get Out In Nature

A magic trick to raising a toddler is to get out and experience nature together. For the toddler, discovering nature is fun, unlike grownups who have lost the feeling. The toddler may even make your moods better if you go outdoors with them. Try it more often, and don’t forget the vitamin D that you will both receive.

3) Slow It Down

Take it easy, avoid the rush, always rushing and beating deadlines, taking shortcuts is the quickest way to lose your mind when the baby explodes even a little. Allow them to explore and admire the new things in their life. If he hands you a leaf or, if you are lucky, a flower, get down and show genuine excitement with them. The joy in his eyes will amaze you; it is angelic.

4) Get Creative

With adulthood comes the loss of delight in nature and interest in the captivating activities we used to enjoy. A simple thing as painting can make your toddler so happy for hours. Spend time doing simple creative things like drawing with crayon and raising a toddler will become fun each day.

No need to shout “My little toddler is driving me crazy!” any more.

Give some allowance for the toddler to be a toddler and trust them to be genuinely uncomfortable and not just being naughty. It is just that your baby cannot talk to express what is troubling them today. Try to be understanding and even he/she will see your pain and do their best. However, when they realise that you do not understand their situation, your troubles may just get worse. Repeat this “my sweet baby is not sadistic. He is having a bad day and needs me.

After attempting all of these methods on how to handle the situation when your toddler is driving you crazy. We would like to believe this would provide some level relief for both mother and child. Ultimately, you should no longer be screaming “My toddler is driving me crazy!”. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, we would love to hear your feedback on this topic.


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  1. Rachel J.

    Toddlers need special care and attention, they are at such a tender age where everything is really inquisitive to them. As parents it is our responsibility to guide and teach them.. no matter how much of a fuss they make. Bless their cotton socks.